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Alice In Wonderland Exhibition
Date   Performances - 7/19 (Fri) 6:00PM 7/21(Sun) / Topics - 6:30PM~8:00PM

Place   Bucheon City Hall, Indoor Garden Area "뜨락" (Tturak)   Festivals Info

PiFan 아름다운가게 이태원책방
<Alice In Wonderland Exhibition>
The novel by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, <Alice"s Adventures in Wonderland>, is considered a classic in pop culture and in the fantasy genre. As an homage to Dodgson, better known under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, PiFan will have a booth dedicated to Alice in Wonderland. Experience Wonderland at the booth, there will be photo zones and book readings.
1. Art & Books for Sale (All the proceeds will be given to charity)
1) Book Sale - Wonderful books of all genre are up for sale. All these books have been donated and some books are used.
2) Kid"s Art – Scholastic, HarperTrophy, and other children"s book companies have donated beautiful art for this charity event.
2. Gift of Giving
Although it is a little late for Spring cleaning, please donate everything that you might not need. All donations will be either be given or sold in order to provide subsistence to the needy. A small gift will be given to all donators.
3. Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse Event
Take books that are just catching dust, and put them into use. We will show you how to turn these old books into pop-up art, and other craft material. Enjoy the power of ARTS & CRAFT.
4. Performances
1) Location : Bucheon City Hall, Indoor Garden Area "뜨락" (Tturak)
2) Date : 7/19 (Fri) 6:00PM
3) Performers : Seoul National University Acapella Club, "INSTRU"
4) Description : Harmony, harmony, & harmony
5. Topics
1) Location : Bucheon City Hall, Indoor Garden Area "뜨락" (Tturak)
2) Date : 7/21(Sun) 6:30PM~8:00PM
3) Speaker : Sang-Jun Park, the CEO of SeoulSFArchive
4) Sang-Jun Park"s Bios
Science fiction and Liberal Science Translator, Editor, Columnist
CEO of SeoulSFArchive (currently), Sr. Editor at a marginalized genre literature magazine <FANTASTIC> (former), CEO at a Sci-Fi Publishing firm "Omer Las" (former)
<Fahrenheit 451>(translator), <To Catch Robinson Crusoe>(co-author), and more than 30 other books.
5) Lecture Title : A Magical Night at a Beautiful Shop <Journey To a World Filled With Sci-Fi Fantasy>
6) Details : Anyone who has once read, watched, or dreamt of a beautiful Sci-Fi experience.
Professor Sang-Jun Park is inviting everyone to listen and embark on a Sci-Fi experience.

Let’s meet prior PiFan-Award winning actors and actresses!
PiFan-Award Photo Exhibition
Date  July 18(Thur) ~ 28(Sun), 2013

Place  Bucheon City Hall Lobby   Festivals Info

* Permanently displayed


Fantastic movie posters with webtoonists!
PiFan & Cartoon Film
Date  July 19(Fri) ~ 25(Thu), 2013 10:00 ~ 20:00

Place  Bucheon City Hall Gallery   Festivals Info

The display of Webtoonists’ parodical works of movie posters!

Meet Charms of Genre Literature at One Spot!
PiFan 2013 Book Fair
Date  July 19(Fri) ~ 25(Thu), 2013 10:00 ~ 20:00

Place  Bucheon City Hall Lobby   Festivals Info

Genre Literature Exhibition, Book Showcase and sales, etc.


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