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Submission for B.I.G NAFF Fantastic Film School 2019.01.10
NO 4 HIT 757

Submission for B.I.G NAFF Fantastic Film School

The 12th NAFF Fantastic Film School(FFS), a training program for genre film professionals is now seeking the emerging filmmakers from all over the Asian territories.
In 2008 for its first edition, expert action choreographers from Korea, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong offered know-how’s from their own respective backgrounds, while the second year presented an in-depth, ‘sci-fi story workshop’ by one of the best American sci-fi fiction writer Ted Chiang. In 2010, ‘Swiss Design in Hollywood,’ an exhibition and master class program organized by renowned film historian Patrick J. Gyger and featuring in-depth class on Hero Painting Process used in movies and game production by an acclaimed art director and conceptual artist Christian L. Scheurer thrilled the participants with their wizardry and style. Moreover, ‘Asian Producers' Lab’ in 2011 focused on new media, transmedia, micro-budget filmmaking and alternative distribution.
Entitled with Asian Filmmakers Lab since 2012, Fantastic Film School has provided filmmaking know-how from renowned experts of the international film industry;
FFS focuses on the core process of filmmaking reflecting the rapid change in current genre filmmaking trends.

How to apply to Fantastic Film School
1. Click the 'Apply Now' below, and create your account
2. Please be logged in and complete your submission


Submission Deadline
19 April 2019

Video Interview
End of April 2019

Announcement of Participarnts
22 May 2019

NAFF Fantastic Film School
27 June - 4 July 2019

For more deatils, please contact
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
B.I.G(BIFAN Industry Gathering)
NAFF Fantastic Film School
Phone : +82-32-327-6313(x144)
E-mail : naff@bifan.kr

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