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BIFAN2020 Winners 2020.07.16
NO 3 HIT 2369

BIFAN2020 Winners

Bucheon Choice: Features
Best of Bucheon 
Pelican Blood (Directed by Katrin GEBBE)
Best Director Choice
Saint Maud (Directed by Rose GLASS)
Jury’s Choice
Lapsis (Directed by Noah HUTTON)
Audience Award
Sheep without a Shepherd (Directed by Sam QUAH)
Korean Fantastic: Features 
Techcross Envirommental Services Best Korean Fantastic Film
Festival (Directed by KIM Lokkyoung)
Korean Fantastic Best Director 
Zombie Crush in Heyri (Directed by CHANG Hyunsang)
Watcha’s Pick for Feature Film
There is an Alien Here (Directed by CHOI Eunjong)
Fantastic Best Actor  
HA Jun of Festival (Directed by KIM Lokkyoung)
Fantastic Best Actor 
PARK Hasun of Go Back (Directed by SEO Eunyoung)
※Fantastic Best Actor Special Mention
GONG Minjeong, LEE Minji, PARK Sojin of Zombie Crush in Heyri (Directed by CHANG Hyunsang)
Fantastic Best Audience Award
Festival (Directed by KIM Lokkyoung)
Distribution Award 
Festival (Directed by KIM Lokkyoung)
Go Back (Directed by SEO Eunyoung)
Super Nova (Directed by BAEK Seungkee)
Zombie Crush in Heyri (Directed by CHANG Hyunsang)
Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF) Award for Best Asian Film
Impetigore (Directed by Joko ANWAR)
I WeirDo (Directed by LIAO Mingyi)
※ NETPAC Special Mention
 Nosari: Impermanent Eternity (Directed by YAMAMOTO Tatsuya)

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