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BIFAN2021 Winners 2021.07.15
NO 3 HIT 1714
BIFAN2021 Winners

Bucheon Choice: Features

Best of Bucheon
The Medium (Directed by Banjong PISANTHANAKUN)
Best Director Choice
The Feast (Directed by Lee Haven JONES)
Jury’s Choice
Treat or Trick  (Directed by HSU Fuhsiang)
Audience Award
NIMBY - Not In My Backyard (Directed by Teemu NIKKI)

Bucheon Choice: Shorts

Best Short Film
Stuffed (Directed by Theo RHYS)
Jury’s Choice for Short Film
Night Bus (Directed by Joe HSIEH)

*Jury’s Special Mention
Sins of a Werewolf (Directed by David PRENDEVILLE)

Audience Award for Short Film
Stuffed (Directed by Theo RHYS)

Korean Fantastic: Features

Korean Fantastic Film
Actionhero (Directed by LEE Jinho)

Korean Fantastic Best Director
Good Deal (Directed by CHO Kyoungho)

Fantastic Actors (2 winners)
LEE Sukhyeong - Actionhero 
KIM Hyunmok - Show Me the Ghost

※Fantastic Actor Jury’s Special Mention 
 PARK Xiyeon - Dieter Fighter
 HAN Seungyeon - Show Me the Ghost

Korean Fantastic Audience Award
Good Deal (Directed by CHO Kyoungho)

Nonghyup Award
Show Me the Ghost (Directed by KIM Eunkyoung)

CGV Award
Actionhero (Directed by LEE Jinho)

Watcha New Talent Award (2 winners)
Actionhero (Directed by LEE Jinho)
Good Deal (Directed by CHO Kyoungho)

Korean Fantastic: Shorts
Best Korean Short Film
Pitch Black (Directed by LEE Junsup)
Audience Award for Korean Short Film
The Noses on the Run (Directed by KIM Boram)

Watcha New Talent Award (5 winners)
Pitch Black (Directed by LEE Junsup)
Voice (Directed by KIM Youngjae)
Nipple War 3 (Directed by PAEK Siwon)
Voice Over (Directed by LEE Minseob)
Why is It so Warm on Christmas? (Directed by  CHOI Woogene)

Méliès International Festivals Federation(MIFF) Award for Best Asian Film
At the End of Evin (Directed by Mohammad TORABBEIGI, Mehdi TORABBEIGI)

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (Directed by YAMAGUCHI Junta)

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