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World Fantastic Cinema

The ‘World Fantastic Cinema’ section is the showcase for the new genre films from all over the world, focuses its attention on the genres of: horror, thriller, mystery and science fiction. This year’s ‘Word Fantastic Cinema’ screens evolving genre films from the West as well as creative, energetic variations form the East. Films include: THE ABAC’s of Death, directed by twenty-seven different directors, telling stories of the death for each letter of the alphabet; V/H/S/ 2,the sequels to the major hit in last year’s PiFan. Also included: Come Out and Play, a remake of the cult Spanish horror from 1970s, Frankenstein’s Amy, a unique story of the monster army, from Richard Raaphorst, a graphic novelist and art director: The Lords of Salem, a spiritual horror from Rob Zombie, who remade the legendary Halloween, capturing the essence and power of genre films. Also At the Horizon, a shocking, hard-boiled action from Laos boasting the power of South-Asian genre films. In addition to these, the section offers a feast of the genre films from all over the world. Including: The Fridge, a film filled with classic B-movie overtones, Library Wars and Detective in the Bar; two films from Japan with big stars and well structured stories, the Living Dead, a film by Roger Corman and director Anthony Szeto, and The Bluff, a boundless, sensual imagination battles between four friends.
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