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The Masters

‘The Master’ section, which spotlights new or controversial works from the masters of the genre films, boasts a splendid line-up this year. This year’s ‘The Masters’ section offers the chance to watch the four films from two Asian masters: Miike Takashi and Johnnie To. From Miike, Lesson of the Evil re-creates Kishi Yusuke’s novel which gives a lesson in absolute evil, with some major blood-letting in the process, while Shield of Straw presents slightly deeper questions, with the story of a detective who has to protect a criminal with a huge bounty on his head, from people who are going crazy about the potential reward. Johnnie To presents two films in which audiences can experience his climax in film making: Drug War, a revelation of the truth of the war against drugs, and Blind Detective, showcasing Andy Lau’s excellent portrayal of the blind retired cop. Also the section offers a great opportunity to watch six other films from masters all over the world, including: the remastered Bad Film, a 1995 film, directed by a young Sono Sion, Miroku, the latest film from Hayashi Kaizo, which vividly visualizes the notoriously complex and weirdly structured novel by Inagaki taruho, Jean-Claude Brisseau’s, The Girl from Nowhere, an intimate fantasy-romance film, and Me Too, a posthumous thriller from Alexey Balabanov who sadly passed away quite suddenly.
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