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Forbidden Zone

Is there a limit to freedom of expression and imagination in movies? PiFan has been introducing movies that are in the front line of the quest for freedom: breaking taboos and thinking outside the box, in a special section, ‘Forbidden Zone.’ This year, PiFan wants to show that the ‘Forbidden Zone’ exists, and not only in the movies, but also in our daily life through two documentary films: A documentary about ‘human suspension’, On Tender Hooks, which follows a group of people who, as an act of enjoyment, self development, and self exploration, pierce their flesh with hooks and hang in mid-air, like a piece of meat hanging in a butcher’s shop, and Exposed which raises questions as to the real beauty of human body, through underground performers whose body types range from statuesque to transgender to disabled, While you are still reeling from the shocking reality, ‘Forbidden Zone’ will break your last notion of the taboo with a classic bloody feast from Sweden, Wither, a fresh zombie horror comedy set in a toilet, Stalled; a naked in-depth analysis about human nature, Mariposa in the Cage of the Night; and a fantasy about forbidden desires, Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend.
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