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Man of Iron, TSUKAMOTO Shinya

Tsukamoto Shinya, ‘Man of Iron’ is the director who brought mechanic fever to the 90s, adding his own touch of cyber-funk to his films. Tsukamoto has become famed for his free and independent film-making style, doing everything himself: the directing, cinematography, lighting, acting and even the art directing. This has been his style since he first made films with an 8mm camera during his middle school years. He founded his own production company, ‘Kaiju Theater’ in 1985 and directed most of his own work, right up to his latest offering, Kotoko. His films capture audiences through cinematic roller-coasters of excitation. Add elegant aesthetics, and the films deliver complete and ecstatic experiences. His début feature, Tetsuo, The Iron Man, a story of an ordinary man transforming into iron, who takes the chemistry of the conflicts created by his desire, and his isolation from society, and pushes them to the extreme. This extraordinary film delivered a festival of ecstasy to cine-philes all over the world in the 90s. Despite huge acclaim and invitations from the major studios, this warrior of independent cinema still pursues true independence: his tried and tested method of self-made films. Even though we may question his style that identifies the lead character with the creator: ‘The Iron Man’ who builds his own world, embodying the limit of his own essence, rather than motivating himself in a society that convergence with Tsukamoto himself. The special retrospective screening his seven films from Tetsuo, The Iron Man to Kotoko, ‘Man of Iron, Tsukamoto Shinya’ would be offering the audiences the unforgettable time full of energy.
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