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Ourselves, Our Robots: Thin Line between Human and Robot

Since the humiliating defeat in the computer vs. human chess match of 1997, the arrogant and trust in human intelligence hit rock bottom, and research to create robots beyond the limits of human ability has continued. As a result, those robots soon became an important part of our daily life, influencing everything from science to medicine to biotechnology. And now, with human-robot interaction greater than ever, where is the line between the two? In this special section, PiFan questions humankind’s robotic future with a selection of sci-fi movies: Computer Chess focuses on the uncomfortable contrast between the overconfidence of human supremacy and anxiety towards ever-evolving robots, told through the foil of a computer chess match; Hollywood cyborg blockbuster Robocop, a well-made B-movie Manborg, that deals with the agony of a half man, half cyborg, a stylish cyborg rebellion in The Machine tells of killer cyborgs who start having human feelings, and THX 1138, following the story of a man and a woman in a rigid society suppressed by android police.
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