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Way to Nature Film Project

PiFan2013 introduces the special section, ‘Way to Nature Film Project’. This project has been the focus with new attempt of the leading outdoor brand, Kolon Sports through the collaboration with Film Industry, growing representative industry of Korea. To celebrate 40th anniversary of Kolon Sports, ‘Way to Nature Film Project’ is with PARKing CHANce, Kim Jee Woon, Korean best directors. This collaboration film project is based on free and original idea of directors about ‘Nature’ for people to understand and assimilate with the nature more easily and interestingly. From Day Trip(2012) directed by PARKing CHANce to One Fine Day(2013) directed by Kim Jee Woon. Let’s meet new version and imagination of two masters about ‘Nature’ through their films receiving successful collaboration and drawing the communion about the meaning of the nature and the human with the brand spirit and films although they are short films within about 30 minutes.
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