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The Masters

Bunshinsaba 2


Info 18 ne  HD / Color /
Director AHN Byung-ki
Country China
Release 2013
91 Min
Category Feature/Fiction
Premiere International Premiere
Code Theater Time
412 CGV Bucheon 8 07/22  14:00
503 Bucheon City Hall 07/23  20:00
1011 CGV Sopoooong 3 07/28  17:00


Song Qian’s old friend Nana comes back from U.S., living together with her. Nana’s strange behavior made Song Qian recall Xiao Ai who committed suicide before graduation. Since Nana came back from US, their friends strangely died one by one. Their death brought Song Qian to find out the incredible truth about Xiao Ai’s suicide two years ago.


Director : AHN Byung-ki

He is famous for his horror films such as Nightmare(2000), The Phone(2002) and Bunshinsaba(2004). He produced films such as Speed Scandal(2008) and Sunny(2011) which hit a box-office as CEO of Toilet Pictures, film production company. He directed Bunshinsaba(2012) in China.

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