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Vision Express

Kai Po Che

Love Fight Music, Dance

Info 12 ne  D-cinema / Color / Dolby SRD
Director Abhishek KAPOOR
Country India
Release 2012
126 Min
Category Feature/Fiction
Premiere Korean Premiere
Code Theater Time
332 CGV Sopoooong 9 07/21  18:00
718 CGV Sopoooong 9 07/25  14:00
1014 CGV Sopoooong 9 07/28  14:00


Govind proposes a unique business plan -a sports shop and a cricket coaching service that will bring together their best , Govind’s business acumen, Ishaan’s cricketing expertise and Omi’s family connection. But interests are conflicted as the friends chase individual ambitions instead of a collective dream.


Director : Abhishek KAPOOR

He is an actor, writer and director with three feature films to his credit. His directorial debut with Aryan(2006) is the story of a boxer. Rock On!(2008) won multiple awards in the year of its release, including the Filmfare Award for Best Story. Kai Po Che is his third feature.

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