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Fantastic Short Films 2


Info G nd  D-Cinema / Color / Stereo
Director Csaba BARDOS
Country Hungary
Release 2012
6 Min
Category Short/Animation
Premiere Korean Premiere
Code Theater Time
514 CGV Bucheon 8 07/23  17:00
813 CGV Bucheon 8 07/26  14:00
1008 Korea Manhwa Museum 07/28  20:00


Albert has to wake up to the ringing of his wife"s cell phone. It takes him quiet an effort to get it from her reticule. Finally he brings the mobile to his wife... who might not be who she seems.


Director : Csaba BARDOS

After his graduation at Budapest Business School, he had almost a decade of experience with feature animations. Albert is his directorial debut. Currently he is developing a new TV-series and two short films as well.

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