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Opening Film

The Congress

Info 18 e  D-Cinema / Color / Dolby Atmos
Director Ari FOLMAN
Country Israel / Germany / Poland / France / Belgium / Luxembourg
Release 2012
120 Min
Category Feature/Animation
Premiere Asian Premiere
Cast Robin WRIGHT, Harvey KEITEL, Jon HAMM
Code Theater Time
001 Bucheon Gymnasium 07/18  19:00
102 Bucheon City Hall 07/19  14:00


Since its birth, the cinema has been exploring the field of limitless artistic expression and the possibility of philosophical reason on the thin line between the reality and the imagination. The variety of genre and numerous styles following the essence of "anima," "the moving picture," are the proofs. Also the traces of modern cinema searching for the new cinematic language through the new nexus of genres and styles are caused by the same reason. This year"s PiFan"s opening film, Ari Folman"s The Congress is the significant piece which shows the topic from above clearly as well as ponders it deeply.
The Congress is based on a novel of the same title by a Polish writer, Stanislaw LEM whose works including Solaris received the praises that those put the science fiction literature into the level of the philosophy. The film starts with the unique idea of Robin WRIGHT, a Hollywood star agreeing to sell the right to the film studio to duplicate her images forever. While the present is being portrayed in pseudo-documentary style as the actual actress plays herself, the future of 20 years later when the media and bio power rule everything, is portrayed in animation. The Congress can be seen as an extension of the director"s previous work, Waltz with Bashir, which was screened in Puchon as an opening film in 2008. Director Ari Folman critically and philosophically deals with the issues of modern society, the media and bio power through the imaginative mirror to the present, the future and unique ideas and styles combining the live-action, animation, reality and the imagination. (Jin PARK)


Director : Ari FOLMAN

In 1996 he co-wrote and directed Saint Clara which opened the Berlin Film Festival‘s Panorama and won seven Israeli Academy awards, including Best Director and Best Film. His internationally acclaimed film, Waltz with Bashir was the official selection of 2008 Cannes Film Festival, won Golden Globe for best foreign film and nominated for an Academy award for best foreign film.

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