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Vision Express

Sunshine Love


Info 15 ke  D-Cinema / Both / 4 Channel
Director JO Eun sung
Country Korea
Release 2013
79 Min
Category Feature/Fiction
Premiere World Premiere
Code Theater Time
204 Bucheon City Hall 07/20  20:00
526 Lotte Cinema Bucheon 1 07/23  17:00
1009 CGV Sopoooong 3 07/28  11:00


Gil Ho, who prepares for the civil service, chances upon a girl named Jung Suk who once crashed on him. They fall in love since she still liked him. One day, they end up breaking up because of her mother’s opposition. He starts his literary career with his heroism books. Before long, he calls on her again.


Director : JO Eun sung

He wrote and directed several shorts such as The Space and Meet by Chance. He works as an assistant director for Eye for an Eye(2008). He won the Prize for Exllence at NAFF2011 and Sunshine Love is his first feature as a director.

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