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Fantastic Short Films 4

A Bad Case of the Genre Fusion

Fight Comedy

Info 12 ke  HD / Color / Stereo
Director KIM Maeil
Country Korea
Release 2012
4 Min
Category Short/Fiction
Premiere International Premiere
Code Theater Time
118 CGV Bucheon 8 07/19  14:00
631 Lotte Cinema Bucheon 3 07/24  14:00
1008 Korea Manhwa Museum 07/28  20:00


A woman gives some money to the lady for reward of breaking up with her son, but the lady refuses the money. The battle starts and at last they use the martial art like a Chinese martial art film.


Director : KIM Maeil

He majored in Film at Konkuk University and now he is studying for New media production Master’s course in KGIT. He directed several short films such as Headphone 3D(2011).

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